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How it works

With every paycheck you've earned, there should be a deduction for Social Security. Most people think this is for retirement and while Social Security is a boost for retirement, it also funds a disability plan in case your injuries, etc., render you incapable of working again. You may be entitled to this benefit even if you are younger than 67 years, the full retirement age. Find out from me, Charles "Bubba" Agee, if you qualify.

The rules to qualify are necessarily complex, to make sure only those truly in need receive the taxpayers' money. While it is possible to apply without the help of an attorney, you are more likely to receive your disability benefits from the federal government with my aid as an experienced disability lawyer. I have successfully handled cases just like yours for three decades. Call today to set up your consultation.

“What else do I need to know?”

What exactly is a disability? According to the Social Security Act, a disability means a physical or mental impairment impeding you from gainful employment for at least a year OR which is eventually fatal.

How do I apply for Social Security benefits? Fill out a form, available online!

Do I qualify even if I have much in savings or my spouse works? You might.

Is there a waiting period? No.

What happens after I apply? Chances are they will deny your claim. You have 60 days to appeal.

My appeal was denied. Now what? Don't give up. Many claims are denied at this stage. File another appeal.

What happens then? A judge hears your case, which mostly consists of me asking you questions to prove you are truly disabled. The judge may ask you more questions.

And if the judge says no? I can appeal your case to the Appeals Council.

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