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Specific recoveries for clients

  1. $3 Million Dollar settlement, present cash value, for the wrongful death of a 25 year old single male in a tractor-trailer accident in Tennessee.

  2. Motor vehicle accident where plaintiff sustained a severe, traumatic brain injury as a result of the negligence of the defendant/driver and an American automotive manufacturer.  The plaintiff received a total settlement of $2,700,000.00.

  3. 1 Million Dollars recovered for the plaintiff as the result of traumatic brain injury resulting from a construction accident where a tree service removal company negligently caused a tree to fall on the plaintiff causing the injury.

  4. Personal injury and wrongful death recovered from a propane company as a result of a propane explosion caused by the negligence of the defendant.  Plaintiffs recovered over $800,000.00.

  5. Agricultural accident where a farm worker lost his upper right extremity as the result of the negligence of the farmer/land owner.  Total recovery was over $1 Million Dollars.

  6. Over $400,000.00 verdict against Baptist Memorial Hospital as the result of the negligence of the nursing staff in the care of the plaintiff, who was a patient at the hospital. 

  7. Plaintiff, amputee, recovered over $400,000.00 from medical equipment service for their failure to supply plaintiff with the proper bedding.  Said negligence eventually caused the plaintiff to lose both lower extremities.

  8. Over $3 million settlement, present cash value, for wrongful death of 25-year-old single male in a tractor-trailer case in Tennessee.

  9. Medical-malpractice case where a female Plaintiff lost her thumb and use of four digits on her right hand as a result of medical negligence of an employee of the hospital emergency room. Injection given by nurse escaped from vein causing a compartment syndrome resulting in loss of blood flow and ultimate amputation of thumb. Case settled for $735,000.00.

  10. Wrongful-death/boating accident on the Tennessee River near New Johnsonville. This is a case involving the negligence of a barge company wherein the captain failed to keep a proper lookout for fishermen in a fishing tournament. The boat in which Plaintiff was riding was overrun by the barge, causing immediate drowning death to the Plaintiff’s descendant, her husband. Case settled for $600,000.00. There were some issues of contributory negligence on the part of decedent Plaintiff and his fishing partner.

  11. Nursing-home negligence and abuse – Plaintiff’s decedent was allowed to become infected while staying at the nursing home, which resulted in the ultimate amputation of his entire lower left leg. Plaintiff was of advanced age and was in terrible condition of health at the time this happened. There was no loss of income. This was simply a claim for pain and suffering and permanent disability. Case settled for $475,000.00.

  12. Pedestrian child struck by wrecker while crossing the street. Case settled for approximately $300,000.00.


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